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Held in high esteem for its original and focused commentary on news and issues affecting international transport and trade, FTW has developed its reputation over 46 years by maintaining a high standard of journalism, engaging deeply with the trade, and ensuring red-hot news with a weekly frequency.

Our audience is selected by sending individualised copies to SA’s largest importers and exporters as our core distribution focus. As a secondary audience we reach the freight industry as the biggest movers of goods. In addition copies are distributed at some airports to extend our reach to new and interested readers. Our publication is also distributed online through our sister publication FTW Online, enhancing our distribution further.

Approximately 4 000 copies of Freight & Trading Weekly are distributed weekly, with research showing that FTW is passed through on average 12 hands at a business. This we believe is due to our quick-read format ensuring even busy people have time to catch up on industry news, while our relevant coverage of matters is important to business decision-makers.

Our client relationships are normally long, as we work with our clients to ensure their business is promoted effectively to the people that matter to their business.


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Anton Marsh
Managing Director

Mining & Minerals                                       1 March 
Road & Rail                                                  8 March    
Consolidators                                            15 March    
Ports Servicing Southern Africa               29 March

Cross Border                                                 5 April
Agriculture                                                    5 April    
Airfreight                                                     12 April    
Technology in Freight                                19 April    
Containers                                                  26 April

Express Cargo/Courier (E-commerce)        3 May
Namibia                                                       10 May 
East Africa                                                   17 May
Airfreight                                                     24 May

Durban/Richards Bay                                  7 June
Oil & Gas                                                      7 June
Botswana                                                    14 June
Export                                                         14 June
West Africa                                                 21 June
Airfreight                                                    28 June

Project Cargo                                                 5 July
Eastern Cape                                                  5 July
Africa Consolidators                                    12 July    
Logistics & FMCG                                        19 July    
Airfreight                                                       26 July

Zambia                                                      2 August
Trucks, Trailers & Automotive Industry   9 August    
Bulk Cargo                                              16 August    
Cold Chain Logistics                              23 August
Airfreight                                                 30 August

Gauteng                                                  6 September    
SADC                                                     13 September    
Airfreight into Africa                             20 September
Europe                                                   27 September

Mozambique                                              4 October    
The Americas                                             4 October    

Risk Management & Cargo Compliance         11 October    
Airfreight                                                  18 October
Middle East & North Africa                     25 October    

Africa Outlook                                          1 November    
Dangerous Goods and Export Packing 8 November    
Warehousing/Depots & Distribution    15 November    
Training & Recruitment                          22 November
Airfreight                                                 29 November    

Focus Far East                                          6 December    
Corridors                                                 13 December


Trade Finance                                         24 January    
Zimbabwe                                               31 January


The Western Cape                                   7 February    
Airfreight into Africa                               14 February
Terminals and Depots                            21 February

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Who is the FTW reader?


FTW is read primarily by import and export decision-makers who comprise more than 50% of our reader base. Our circulations department puts enormous effort into growing readership and ensuring a high standard of reader for this vital segment.

Freight service providers

FTW has entrenched itself as the newspaper for the freight industry. It has a strong reader following in the freight service provider segment where the news is highly relevant to the running of their businesses.

Business decision-makers

Many of our readers are top management within the import, export and freight sectors. Advertisers who wish to reach high-level purchase decision-makers across a range of companies can do so through FTW.

Auditing of circulation

Our circulation is audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). This is an independent body set up by the advertising and publishing industries to ensure that readership claims are verified and advertisers get the audience for which they are paying.
It makes sense to advertise only in ABC-audited publications to avoid being hoodwinked into advertising in a publication that is printed but not distributed to the designated readership.

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21 February 2020

Feature: INCOTERMS 2020


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